Want to know the difference of hotkey and macro recorder freeware

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Hi experts

 I am using PS Hot Launch VVL macro recorder freeware. But I am little confused with the difference of hotkey and macro recorder. Is there any difference or not. If anyone knows I would be grateful.

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Want to know the difference of hotkey and macro recorder freeware



Hello Vicky!

We usually use a hotkey to perform a series of tasks by just pressing a single key or a combination of keys on our keyboard instead of using our mouse or any other input devices. Sometimes we also call it as shortcut keys.

Now, the macro recorder is a software that converts a series of menu selections or different keystrokes into a macro. Unlike a hotkey, which is usually preinstalled on a certain OS or an application which we can use right away, a macro needs to be recorded first using the macro recorder before we can use the hotkey that has been assigned to the macro.

Basically, the only difference that I can see between these two is that hotkeys are usually preinstalled and the hotkeys assigned to different macros can only be used if the macros have been recorded by the software called macro recorder. Their functionalities are almost identical.

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