Voice recognition software won’t work with headset

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I just recently had this Thunderbolt and it doesn't recognize my voice when I use my bluetooth headset. It is weird because the voice recognition software works perfectly without the headset.

I thought it was just a sound quality issue or too much noise in the background at first. So I went to a more quiet place and tested it but it acted the same. Using a headset is very important for me because I always work outside.

Anyone here had the same problem? Feel free to post here your suggestions and tips. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. 

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Voice recognition software won’t work with headset


Hello Kimberly Morgan,

I have seen your post and have a solution for it. Though you have not mentioned your windows version, I assume it as windows seven. There are some steps to do so. These are given below:

> Go to control panel and select sound option

> Under Playback tab, go to windows properties and disable all enhancements. Press ok.

> Go to recording tab and then microphone properties.

> Under Levels tab, set the value 0 for microphone boost and microphone also.

> Press ok, Press the button configure

> Then configure the microphone as well as headphone by yourself

Hope this will work  for you.

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Voice recognition software won’t work with headset


Hi Kimberly!

As I understand, your HTC Thunderbolt does not recognize voice command using your Bluetooth headset. First and foremost, you have to download some application for voice recognition. I would highly suggest to download VLINGO app for you to voice command through your Bluetooth headset. Furthermore, There is also a setting you can click to help improve the accuracy of the voice recognition.Please see details below:

Press Menu > Voice input & output > Voice recognizer settings (and put the check mark on "PERSONALIZED RECOGNITION" This will make your speech and phrasing more recognizable.

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