Visual studio 2008 serious problem

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Hello Everyone,

My visual studio 2008 (team system version) setup is having some serious problem whenever I am trying to uninstall, re-install and repair it. I got the error message “A problem has been encountered while loading the setup components. Cancelling setup.”

Further, I was getting some unknown errors when I was working on my projects few days ago regarding some components running out of memory.

My system has 2GB physical memory unused at the time but it still is useless in installing visual studio. If nothing works for me to fix this error, I have to re-install the windows again and install visual studio.

This process takes my whole day.

Can someone please help me resolve this issue, as it is not working either way for my system? 

Thank you in Advance.

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Visual studio 2008 serious problem


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Visual studio 2008 serious problem


Hello Desireenataliaa,

Before uninstall, re-install and repair visual studio, you have to uninstall all the hot fixes and updates that you have already installed  and then try your normal operation.

It will solve the problem. If It is not solved try MS auto-uninstall tool .  

This will uninstall visual studio.

Hope it would help to work out the problems



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