Is this a virus, a malware or both?

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My kid brother used my PC this morning to surf the net, and played some games, after an hour or so, he shut off the computer, now when it’s my turn on using the PC, this pops up at start-up (as shown in the photo).

Is this a virus, a malware or both?

How can I remove it?

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Is this a virus, a malware or both?


This is a malware which is installed on your computer.

If you have completed any of the given survey this will take your information and will mail to the person which is involved in installing the malware to your system.

You have to scan your computer from an updated malware scanner.

It will surely detect malware which is install on your computer and will remove from your computer.

Now you have to be very careful when using your computer do not provide your personal information and keep your computer disconnected from internet.

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Is this a virus, a malware or both?


That is an adware, a kind of virus that pops up commercial ads or sometimes website addresses to attract visitors. Sometimes a message or a dialog box will just appear out of nowhere while you are browsing with the Windows Explorer or maybe surfing the web.

I am not that familiar with the effect of this virus because my computer hasn’t been infected with this kind.

I don’t know its total effect on the system except that this is a very annoying type. I already saw one of this on my friend’s computer.

And it’s funny because every click you do a website address pops up encouraging you to visit them.

Try installing an antivirus if it can remove it since it is already there.

But if the adware wasn’t totally removed after scanning by an antivirus, format your hard disk and reinstall Windows so you’ll have a fresh system again.

Use a reliable antivirus like Norton Antivirus or McAfee Antivirus.

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