Virus ? Keyboard Key Malfunctioning

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I bought Lenovo Idea Pad before some months and it’s under warranty. I was playing a game named "GTA Vice City” on my laptop. After that whenever I try to use my key Shift + A it's typing a letter in small instead of capital A.

Problem solves automatically when I press ctrl key on my keyboard but again this starts at any time.

I already tried checking if my laptop keys are lost and everything seems Ok but problem still persists. Is there anyway I can use shift key to type capital letters?

Is it the problem of some language settings or something like that? Number lock key on my keypad is also not working as whenever I'm trying to use 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 key on number pad its showing me different symbols.

Any idea why this all happening?

I also want to create recovery disk for my laptop but I didn't find any software to build these disks? Is there any software which I can use to make backup of my drive? Laptop Configurations are:

  • Lenovo Idea Pad
  • Processor: Intel® Atom™ N475
  • Windows XP installed


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Virus ? Keyboard Key Malfunctioning


Hello! I'm Kattyrine. With regards to your issue with your keyboard, if nothing happened with it like spilling water over it then something must have gone wrong with the mapping of your keyboard which resides in your registry.

If you're sure nothing physical is wrong with your keyboard or it didn't get spilled on with water then you can try this very simple solution using the freeware SharpKeys:

  1. First, download SharpKeys and install it.
  2. After installation, run SharpKeys, make sure to run it as admin if you are using Vista or 7.
  3. Once open, click Add button at lower left part of the window, this will show up:

Now the left side panel indicates the physical key in your keyboard, meaning Function: F12 (00_58) represents the F12 button on your keyboard, now the right side panel indicates what you want the key on the left to function as when you press it.

Now here you can try and remap the keys broken in your keyboard and set it to what it's supposed to functions as.

For example, you are saying your Shift key doesn't work properly, so just find the Shift key on the left and right panel, highlight them both and press OK.

  • Once OK is pressed, you'll be back to the previous window and see something like this, now for this image below, I am trying to disable F12 so it should be different from yours.
  • You can add another key to remap by pressing Add and doing the processes earlier again, when you have every key you want remapped set, press the Write to Registry button and restart your computer.

If you, in fact, spilled water on it at some point before, there is a possibility that your keyboard is short-circuited and is sending the wrong signals to your OS, resulting in a different result when pressing a key in your keyboard.

What you can do in this situation is just to wait for the inside of your keyboard to dry so the short circuit will disappear, or you can use a dryer to dry the inside, just don't turn it up too high.

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Virus ? Keyboard Key Malfunctioning


Check if your language settings have changed from the default settings. Set English (United States) – US as the default language (in the Control Panel, Language Options). If it didn’t work, clean your keyboard.

When there are dust in the circuit board of the keyboard, these kind of things can happen normally.

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