Virtual Box Networking inside Linux workstation

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I'm new in using Virtual Box and wondering, if you guys can help me setting up in Linux. I'm currently using Mandriva for the Linux workstation.

I have downloaded and installed VirtualBox, without a problem in Mandriva. I don't think it would be a problem, if I'm using DHCP. But the problem is, I'm using IP static on the network. So to connect to the internet, I have to setup DNS inside VirtualBox.

I have tried assigning IP static inside the VirtualBox workstation, but it cannot connect to the internet. The internet connection can work properly on the host though. I'm using Mandriva as the host and inside the VirtualBox, I'm using Ubuntu.

I have tried to change network setting, so many times on the Ubuntu side or on Mandriva side, but still it is not working. I have installed the Virtual Box, then re-installed VirtualBox again and again, but apparently it doesn't solve anything.

My big goal is to try joining the Ubuntu workstation to the Domain. I figure if at least the Internet connection can work properly using network LAN, then it won't be hard to join it to the Domain. Unfortunately, I can't even make it work to connect to the internet.

Suggestions and ideas are welcome and very appreciated.



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Virtual Box Networking inside Linux workstation



Virtual box is my love and job, when it comes to virtual machines compared to VMware. I first would recommend you running some terminal control test(s) to check for network connectivity in you VM.

Also did you have a chance to install the virtual box's tools ? This should be your first choice, before you touch anything within the Virtual Box's advance network settings. Out of the box, virtual box has all network connectivity working through both host and guest.

Step 1)

Check your Mandriva Firewall. Check to see that Virtual Box has access to the internet. Sometimes certain Linux distributions of level 2+, have these settings turned on by default.

Step 2 & 3 )

Check to make sure that your network interface is setup, as a bridge Or otherwise it's setup behind a software net.

Furthermore, please make sure that virtual box see's your network adapter.


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Virtual Box Networking inside Linux workstation


Hello James.

If all you want is for your guest OS to connect to the Internet then try setting up the network as NAT (Network Address Translation). In this configuration, your guest OS (Ubuntu) will connect to the network but will be identified as your host machine. From the point of view of your LAN, it is your host machine that is accessing the Internet.

However, since you mentioned that you want your host OS (Ubuntu) to join the domain, then you will have to set up the network as Bridged Networking. In this configuration, your host OS (Ubuntu) will appear as a separate machine on the network. Since you do not have a DHCP server, you will have to manually setup the static IP address, DNS entries, Gateway and other network settings of your guest OS. If your host machine requires a proxy to connect to the Internet then you will have to setup the proxy on your guest OS as well.

Hope this helps!

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