Video Card’s compatibility to a Mother Board

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I Just want to ask if how to know if the video card that i will buy is compatible to my motherboard?

Your answers will really help me a lot.


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Video Card’s compatibility to a Mother Board


Hello Techyman,

The video you buy may have compatibility issues, but it does not have to be that way. To help you stay free of the risk of buying a video card that is not compatible you will need to do the following:

  • First of all check your system specifications, if possible note them somewhere and then carry them as you go to the store to buy the video card. You will use them to get the right video.
  • If you can, unplug the video card you have on your computer right now and go with it to the store so that to the seller will refer to it to get the right video card that does not have compatibility issues.

Hope this helps.




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Video Card’s compatibility to a Mother Board


Try to get the motherboard model number. It is normally written at the front of the motherboard. Copy the number. Present it to the computer store so that they can give you the best compatible video card suitable for your motherboard.

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Video Card’s compatibility to a Mother Board


If you are planning to upgrade your computer’s graphics adapter, you just need to check what kinds of slots are available on your motherboard. The kinds of slots that a graphics adapter may require are AGP, PCI, or PCI Express. All motherboards support AGP that’s why I’m sure you will find this on your motherboard.

The other two slots, PCI and PCI Express, may both appear on your board but sometimes only one type is supported either PCI or PCI Express. A PCI graphics adapter will only fit a PCI slot and will not fit a PCI Express slot because the PCI Express slot is quite shorter than a conventional PCI slot. Some motherboards, especially the older ones, support PCI only.

Modern motherboards support PCI Express slots but there are also ones that have both PCI and PCI Express slots. The image below shows what an AGP and PCI card slots look like. The slots are labeled on the board itself. An AGP card slot is indicated by the label AGP. PCI card slots are indicated by the label PCI. AGP card slot is always in brown color.

PCI Express card slots are indicated by the label PCIe. They have the same length with PCI but the notch position is different.

So, if you want to buy a new graphics adapter, be sure to check first on your motherboard so you can have a look on what kind of graphics adapter to buy. If your motherboard supports both PCI and PCI Express card slots, it would be best to go for the PCI Express. But if you only have AGP and PCI, go for the PCI type.

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