VBA and lotus notes – Weird Error Message.

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I am planning to implement the lotus notes send mail but unfortunately I am facing a weird error message.

Error Message as follows:

The expression On Click you entered as the even property setting produced

The following error: Event procedure declaration does not match description of even having the same name.

* The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a user-defined function, or [Event Procedure].

* There may have been an error evaluating the function, event, or macro.

I shall welcome some help from anyone regarding this issue.  My notes client is up and running, I put my password as I was asked to do that. Is it possible to schedule the users to put their password because nearly 130 persons use it, therefore it is not possible to hardcode the password). Lotus Notes 5.0.8 is being used.

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VBA and lotus notes – Weird Error Message.


You have written something wrong in the code that you are using in the VBA that is pointing to something null and throwing an exception that is causing this issue.

Figure out that line of code and remove it. If you can, copy paste the full code here so that I can see where it is doing something wrong.

This error can also come when you are trying to have a textbox as an object and converting it to a string type field.

Try using a different code for it; maybe pass it as a reference instead of direct.

You can also go to this link and see if it helps you further during the problem resolution.

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VBA and lotus notes – Weird Error Message.



There's maybe and error in your code. 
Try evaluating your code again, Call SendNotesMail, use this behind a command button to send mail and put the following code behind your form.
You can modify certain lines e.g. verify users
Use hidden Textbox for recipient and password. Also check the data type and its assign value.

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