Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type” – MS visual studio

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When people try to create a new project using Ruby in Steel 0.75 then they see some error message.

It is not one of our error messages. For this reason this had us puzzled for a while. We finally tracked down the problem after head-scratching and reinstalling of software.

Microsoft ‘project aggregator’ utility is required for the complete integration of a third-party language into Visual Studio.

This error happens when you forget to install the Microsoft ‘project aggregator’.

In previous versions, you had to install this before running the Ruby in Steel setup program.

But in the latest, we wrote a new setup program which automatically installs the project aggregator.

But I got an error message after installing that error message

“Microsoft Visual Studio

Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: type



Need a solution. Thanks in advance.

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Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type” – MS visual studio



The problem you are showing with the picture and the above description tells that you are facing the same problem as most of the peoples are facing with the latest version.

So one thing I must say that you must try to change this version and used the previous version in which you also need to install the aggregator manually and then it will work.

Other thing is in you coding there is a problem in some sort of string or in character array you are not completing the array and it is showing null character to you.

You have to terminate the character array with not null character because character array put itself a null character at the end to terminate the program.

This is how you have to tackle the character array. So check this and remove this issue and your code will run properly.

This solution will help you get out of the mess.

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