Using antivirus on Android phones

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Is it important to use an Antivirus on an android phone?

If yes, what is the best Antivirus that you can recommend? 

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Using antivirus on Android phones


Hey Freddie Hart,

The purpose of Antivirus on Android mobile is to protect your Android mobile from the virus or such files that can corrupt your Mobile System.

Here I would like to say that keep in mind when we install Antivirus on Android mobile, it makes of Android mobile a little bit slow. The reason behind this is that, Antivirus has to run every time in the background.

That’s why our mobile become a little bit slow.

The best Antivirus for Android mobile phone is Kaspersky. I would like to recommend it to you.

I hope that you understand.


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Using antivirus on Android phones



The number of malware, viruses and other security problems on Android is the image of the popularity of smart phones: increasing.

However, there are few threats compared to the number of circulating viruses on computers.

Antivirus companies are however already on the warpath and I will suggest you the best ones in my opinion:

  • Avast Free Mobile Security
  • Dr Web Antivirus Light
  • F-Secure Mobile Security
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Using antivirus on Android phones


During those times when Smartphones are not yet popular and Nokia is still the most favorite, antivirus is really not a necessity. But these days, having a Smartphone is already like owning a portable computer on your pocket. In the early days of Android Smartphones, I haven’t heard of a handset that got infected by a virus.

Maybe this is because they are still testing the mobile operating system. There have been some cases of Android handsets getting infected by some nasty virus which acquires personal information and before you know it your identification was already delivered to the coder is collection server. If you don’t want to happen this to you, installing an antivirus would be a good idea.

Avast Mobile Security by AVAST Software is one you can choose. This is a popular antivirus program because of its free antivirus and security suite on computers. And now they offer an Android version of their security solution. Visit Mobile Security and Antivirus. It supports Android 2.3.3 and up. See image.

AVG AntiVirus Pro is another option. This is yet another well-known antivirus program with over 70 million downloads already. It is one of the extensively used mobile security applications for the Android operating system. Visit here to download the antivirus. See image.

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