USB device drawing too much power

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I have a MAC OS X 10.6 with 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4GB of RAM. Whenever I boot the machine it boots up fine and  after a little while, even before I can start any work on my PC, it gives me the following error message.

Because a USB device was drawing too much power from your computer, one or more of your USB devices have been disabled.

To prevent damaging your computer, the USB device drawing too much power has been disabled. Other devices may have also been disabled. When you disconnect the device drawing too much power, your other USB devices will be enabled again.

I have unplugged all the USB connections including my wireless mouse , leaving just the power cable to make sure the PC is running. But I still seem to get the error message.

Is this some kind of a hardware problem?

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USB device drawing too much power


Have you recently made some changes on your computer such as adding an extra hard drive? Try shutting down your PSU and wait for few minutes and then plug it back again. Or try the following solutions below:

1. Use the code to disable the User Notification Center plist. Do not turn off your computer for an hour.

2. And then reload it with the code below:

This will fix the issue.


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USB device drawing too much power



If previous solution didn't seem to work you can try this one:

Resetting NVRAM:

‚Äč1) Shut down your mac computer.
2) Turn on your mac and then quickly press and hold four keys : Command, Option, P and R.
3) Keep the keys pressed until the computer restarts.

Now some of your settings will reset. You must again set your time zone, screen resolution etc. but the problem should now be gone. 

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