Is USB 2.0 good for my 3 hard-discs ?

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I use 3 Hard drives (HDD) for my Data storage they are connected through, USB 2.0, eSATA and SATA II also i have a New Mobo that has SATA II, III ports, my issue is am wondering whether the USB 2.0 IS good for my 3 hard-disks or should I change it and use the Mobo although I am contented with speed they have. I also considered using a PCI SATA 11 card but I think it has got some compatibility issues

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Is USB 2.0 good for my 3 hard-discs ?



You are using three hard disks so naturally you dealing with huge data set. You must need a higher and better data transfer speed media. For your betterment I am here summarizing the data transfer speed of different ports.

USB 1.1 = 12 Mbit/s

FireWire 400 = 400 Mbit/s

USB 2.0 = 480 Mbit/s

FireWire 800 = 800 Mbit/s

USB 3.0 = 5 Gbit/s

eSATA = Up to 6 Gbit/s, it depends on internal SATA chip

You must note this speeds are only in theory. In everyday work you may not face those speeds.

Thank You.

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