Upgrade 40GB Teradata Express to 1TB

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I just bought a 40GB Image Teradata Express 2 months ago. After frequent usage, it’s started to run out of space already. I would like to ask if anyone of you knows how to upgrade my 40GB Image Teradata Express to a 1TB Image Teradata Express. Also, please recommend to me safe and reliable methods in upgrading my 40GB Image Teradata Express. Thanks a bunch to those who can help.

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Upgrade 40GB Teradata Express to 1TB


This is an installation Guide of Teradata Express 40GB to 1TB

1. Download the latest version of VMWare Workstation
2. Download Teradata Express 40GB
3. Download Teradata Express 1TB
For extra safety if something goes wrong when installing, copy or duplicate the files.
The installation guide:
1.Install VMWare.
   Download from www.vmware.com
   Restart PC twice (if you uninstall)
2. Open VMWare
    Open a spare copy (i.e. H:virtual-machines40GB Uncompressed1sles10)
    —Some people suggest bridged, others suggest NAT network. With Bridged I loose network all together as it sees my          Ethernet as down, so I chose NAT. Is this right?
3. Power On the Virtual Machine
    Note: The Powerup takes a long time the first time
4. Select SLES10 Operating system
    UserID : root
    PWD : root
    Welcome to your newly built SLES10 OS complete with Teradata!!!
5. Restart the machine. This is done as its a first time startup, get a feel for startup time
   Ctrl+R or VM>Power>Restart
6. Select SLES10 Operating system
    UserID : root
    PWD : root
    NB: we need to install VMWare Tools First
7. Select VM>Install VMWare Tools
    This will open VMWare Tools File Browser
8. Mount the cdrom
    Open Gnome Terminal and type
    mkdir /mnt/cdrom
    mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
    The response should indicate a write-protected disk which is read-only
9. Uncompress the installer to the mounted cd
    cd /tmp
    tar zxpf /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-8.4.6-385536.tar.gz
    This step takes a while as it is a large archive to uncompress
9. Unmount the image and run the VMWare Tools Installer
    umount /dev/cdrom 
    cd vmware-tools-distrib
10. Accept all default answers.
      The VMWare Tools has been installed previously
       Press enter to accept each default
      There are many defaults (around directories)
      Accept when vmware-config-tools.pl, 
      runs after the installer file finishes running.
11. Networking on the virtual machine will be interrupted 
       To restore network type in gnome:
       /etc/init.d/network stop
        rmmod vmxnet
       modprobe vmxnet
      /etc/init.d/network start
12. Log out of the root account.
      Using the same gnome session

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