How to upgrade Symbian OS 9.1 to Symbian Anna OS?

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Hi all,

I am using an Symbian OS 9.1 S60 V3 based mobile phone. I would like to update it to latest firmware, which is the Symbian Anna OS. IS there any possibility for doing this? If so, please provide me assistance about how to perform the up-gradation.


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How to upgrade Symbian OS 9.1 to Symbian Anna OS?


Let’s first take a closer look to the new Symbian Anna. The new ambience of Symbian Anna contains new user interface, next to a sequence of transformation under the lid that is intended for the user to experience satisfaction. Some of the make over that this new flavor of Symbian includes new icons, typing in a split screen view, fast browsing experience, a virtual QWERTY portrait for you to type much faster. It also includes a new stylish Ovi Maps. This all new features are made for fast and precise functioning.

This new OS software is released together with the Nokia smartphones more specifically X7 and E6. These two smartphones are the first to receive the updated Symbian software by Nokia. Some of these particular improvements include:

Browser Improvement now (v7.3); improvements on user interface with high value touch, as well as entry bar for URLs, extended toolbar and a “Go Back” button that is always visible, integrated search field for address, quick page opening, a much faster navigation of web page history.

Improvement for Ovi Store, enhanced searching, it includes spell check and auto complete, fixes bugs/errors, has a optimize search engine, the limit for downloading via WLAN is now increased.

New Ovi Maps, includes smart search, check-in to social network like Twitter and Facebook, capability to share places using emails and SMS, able to view public transport network lines, a full download via WLAN of country maps.

Social enhancement; an update on contact card status, can follow a person in Twitter as well as retweet them, can now upload images with higher resolution plus able to add image caption,

Improved Ovi Suite; can update device firmware with the latest version, ability to download street maps free of charge, explore new available mobile applications, download latest songs, device backup and synchronization.

The new Symbian Anna also includes Instant Messaging that would be a great beneficial for customers conducting business, new Flashlite 4, Qt 4.7 and version 2.2 of Java Runtime. This was the very first immense Symbian update for OS 3.

Before you conduct a Symbian OS upgrade you must check if your mobile support this transformation. Other devices like E7, C7, C6-01 and N8 can be capable of upgrading it OS. You can either update your smartphone via your personal computer or upgrade it through the official Nokia Website, or by using your smartphone menu which is the OTA to upgrade you mobile.



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How to upgrade Symbian OS 9.1 to Symbian Anna OS?



I will help you to solve your problem. You are running Symbian 9.1 version. This is version of Symbian was meant for older phones. The first os to make good use of touch screen was Symbian 9.4. But now it has been also outdated. Only the newer phones are which are running Symbian^3 operating system eligible to update to Symbian Anna OS. You cannot upgrade to Anna in your phone.

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