Updating the RAM sticks on my Asus Rampage 4 motherboard

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Hello. I want to update the RAM sticks on my Asus Rampage 4 motherboard. I am unsure of which of the following options will be better:

1.   Two 8GB sticks of RAM, thus allowing me the option of upgrading it further

2.   Four 4GB sticks of RAM, thus giving me a quad channel RAM,

Which option would you recommend? Are there many advantages to a quad core RAM? Is it even worth it to expand a 2x8GB RAM?

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Updating the RAM sticks on my Asus Rampage 4 motherboard



RAM is the highest used memory that enables the system perform perfectly. It stores any data directly into the RAM so that the data can be accessed any time with a very fast speed. If you’re trying to upgrade your RAM, you should choose to use less RAMs at the same time.

You’re trying to get 16GB RAM. So, I recommend to use 2 x 8GB RAMs. If you use 4 x 4GB RAMs, it’ll put more force for the motherboard to handle more RAMs that might slow down the system a little bit. On the other hand, system also stores a small size of data on each RAM depending on their size and other hardware configuration. If you use more RAM, more data will be hosted on each RAM which will give you less than 16GB RAM. If you use 2 x 8GB RAMs, you have the better chance of having more RAM space.

If you need more space, likely 32GB or larger, then you can use several RAMs to split the large memory into smaller ones. This will put less pressure on each RAM so that performance would be better.

Make sure that the RAMs are fast enough. According to the specification of your motherboard, it’s able to support 1866 MHz RAM. The more MHz, the faster performance.

The choice is yours. If you wish to use 4 x 4GB, you can. Also, 2 x 8GB is also welcome. The difference could be hardly understood but 2 x 8GB is the best and recommended.

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Updating the RAM sticks on my Asus Rampage 4 motherboard


Actually, if you have plans on upgrading the physical RAM of your computer, you should check first the type of operating system you are using because it will dictate the efficiency of your computer in utilizing the RAM. The ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, if you have this motherboard from ASUS, has 8 DDR3 quad channel memory slots.

If you have this motherboard and you have plans on upgrading the memory, check first your operating system if you are using 32-bit or 64-bit. If you only have 32-bit Microsoft Windows, it would be better to stick to a maximum of 2 GB RAM because it is the ceiling for the operating system to efficiently handle the memory.

If you have 64-bit Microsoft Windows, you can install and upgrade the RAM to as high as you desire. There is really no difference whether you install two 8 GB sticks or four 4 GB sticks. The downside of using two 8 GB sticks is that when one fails, your physical RAM will be downgraded to half of the original memory which will have a great impact on the applications you are using and might slow down the computer’s performance because of the total amount of RAM left.

Unlike when you are using four 4 GB sticks, in case one fails, your RAM will not be greatly downgraded because you still have 3 more sticks left. The ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, by the way, is Windows 8.1 ready.

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