Snow wz hear error issue

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I’m using a HP ProBook. My operating system is Windows XP. However, I have an error displaying on my screen as follows:

“Snow wz hear…


Punch              Punch repeatedly                     Punch in face, repeatedly”

I have repeatedly tried to close this error and have failed to do so. I clicked on the tabs “punch”, “punch repeatedly” and “punch in face, repeatedly”, but still this error keeps popping up. Is this a virus? I use Kaspersky Anti Virus 6.0 and have done a system check a couple times. Still I have not been able to detect such a virus.

Do you think I will have to boot the computer? Please advice me on what I should do to stop this error popping up.


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Snow wz hear error issue


Dear GaryB,

  • This error clearly indicates that you have a virus in your system and kaspersky antivirus 6.0 was infiltrated by virus and not in a position to repair or delete this virus.
  • In this error: “Snow wz hear WTF?
  • Punch Punch repeatedly Punch in face, repeatedly”
  • WTF stand for “what the f*ck (*equals the letter u)”. For ready reference you can see:



  • First try to scan your system online through and remove viruses which you found.
  • Secondly, uninstall your antivirus and download a fresh copy of best antivirus from web. After installation and up-date, you should run a complete system scan to get rid off this error message.

Take Care.


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Snow wz hear error issue



The error that have shown is obviously generated by a virus. This virus uses its advantage over your antivirus program that is why it is ignored by it and thus creating such annoying messages like the one's you are experiencing. Technically, there is no such error messages in Windows operating systems like that except the one that is generated by a virus.

To resolve this issue, you can try to scan your computer using free scanners available on the internet and uninstall your current antivirus. I would recommend you using Avast! Antivirus. You can download it for free on or the upgraded version which is paid version but offers greater protection. It is called Avast! Internet Security which has included the anti-spyware, firewall, and various tools for maximum protection.

Good Luck.

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