Upcoming communication gadgets in 2012

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What are the upcoming gadgets for 2012 in communication?

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Upcoming communication gadgets in 2012


Hello Nevil,

The Upcoming gadgets for 2012 in communication that you expect to heat the market every quarter of the year has shown us the iPhone 4S and the blackberry prayBook. Below are the ones we are expecting in the rest of the quarter of 2012.

Flexible Touchscreen Display: These gadgets include tablets and smart phones with screens that are bendable. These gadgets are replacing keyboards and buttons with options as touch screen PDAs and touch screen tablets PCs. For example Nokia Kinetic Device, Flexi- screened gadgets.

Motoactive gadget like a watch telling the time, schedules of your appointment, heart rate monitoring, counting the calories that have been burnt. Playing music via speakers of Bluetooth or headphones, receiving calls/text/data, receiving alerts from your Smartphone. The Gadget will be an issue especially for those who looking out for fitness.

Razer Project gaming Tablet: This is a gadget that runs window 8 operating system as it also equipped with an Android.

Voice and Gesture Control TVs from LG: This will Control TVs with gesture and control capabilities which will allow the user to do away with navigation using standard remote control pathway.

Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga: These are three gadgets that can be used together that is a tablet, a laptop and a desk top. This is a flexible computing device that can be used once!

So those are some of the upcoming gadgets we are expecting.

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Upcoming communication gadgets in 2012


Hello Nevil,

Thank you for that very interesting question. There are many upcoming gadgets in the market.

The following are those:

1. Google Nexus 3

2. PSP by Sony

3. 3D Vaio by Sony

4. Palm Pre Plus

5. Lenovo Idea Pad U1

I am craving to have those gadgets. I am waiting for its launching in the market. I am hopping that those will have high quality equivalent to its price.


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