Unusual Voice Recognition In Ovann

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I owned a Ovann OV-T361MV headset while colored.

It is new and I used it a few times already but then a problem occurred because whenever I used it for internet communications mostly on Skype, it sounds odd that the speaker's voice is unusual than before.

Sometimes the voice is too low and slow or too high and slow in pitch.

I wonder what's going on. 

Can anybody explain it to me?

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Unusual Voice Recognition In Ovann


Hi Berly Mai,


OV-T361MV is a product of Chaole which is based in Shenzhen, China.  Its microphone cancelled all unnecessary sounds because it has a noise cancelation technology which mainly to provide a definite clear sound.  It has also a magnetic circuit which balances smooth and frequency range for 40 mm unit.

Not only that, the company promised the customers that Its an ISO9001 approve of having a quality and technology trendiness  that is why its compatible for any net used.

You should have checked it again to the store where you buy and have some replacement as you have said its new and it is still under the warranty period.

Hope this might help you,



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