Unable to save attachment using my default browser

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I received an email from a friend with attachment which I need to complete. I open the attachment using my default browser then start working on it. After completing the attachment, I try saving it with the same filename used when it was sent to me but I put a full stop into it.

However, when I tried to check the file, it disappeared and nothing shows up when I search the filename on my computer.

Even when I browse all the folders, the file does no longer exist.

Does anyone know what happened upon saving the file?

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Unable to save attachment using my default browser


Did you put the full stop at the end of the filename you assigned. If so you saved the file with no extension, thus your system does not know which program to use to open that file. The filed you saved should be where you saved, though it will have a different icon; its like this

Find it and rename the file changing to the extension it had earlier; If you used the browser to edit the attachment then it should be .htm or .html. Now open the file. It should open the file you worked on.

You can try this too.

Open the browser and search through the history. If you find the URL of the attachment then open it

To prevent such things in future do not add symbols like full stop and asterisk to the name while saving and don't edit the part after the dot.



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Unable to save attachment using my default browser


Hallo Kyleigh,

When you opened the attachment, the first thing that you should have done before embarking on editing or filling the attachment is save it to a known destination like the desktop or in the 'My Documents' folder where you can easily trace it.

The file may have disappeared because when editing it could have been saved in a temporary folder to allow you to work on it for that moment only, after which it disappeared upon closing it. So you can just go to the email and download the attachment and save it on the desktop and edit it from there.

You can also search the document using software called avafind, which you can download for free online and install on your computer.


Lee Hung

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