Unable to log in for accessing the portal after installing VSM

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Hi friends,

I have lately installed VSM on my system. I configured it with the Oracle 11g R2 database successfully. Next, I wanted to access the portal:

(Sample)http://hostname/virtual directory/ServiceManager.aspx

When I try to access it, I get a login screen asking for a username and password. I wrote "admin" both as a username and password as well. Now, when I tried to log in, I got the following error on my screen:

Evaluation copy has expired

The message says:

"Error processing login request. This evaluation copy has expired.

Please Verify and re-enter your login information: Please contact your VMware Service Manager supplier."

Where am I making a mistake? Is it the wrong username and password or does it has something to do with the license of the evaluation version?

Please help me in getting out of this situation. I really need your help.

Looking forward to your messages.


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Unable to log in for accessing the portal after installing VSM


Dear User,

You should check your license in VSM server Console.

To do this,

1. Go to VSM server and run Server Console.

2. Go to properties of your system (database) by right clicking and selecting properties.

3. Select the tab that says License.

You can see something like this. And here you can see all the licenses and their expiration dates.

You can enter the license manually too. 

VSM Server properties

Thank you.

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