Ubuntu OS phone soon to be out

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What are the features of the soon-to-be released Ubuntu OS phone?

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Ubuntu OS phone soon to be out

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It remains a dialogued that now every multi-core Android phones can be PCs too. It's interesting features I listed below-

1. It's enabled high-ended android handset to run Ubuntu.

2. By connecting into a monitor, the phone will absolutely turned into a PC.

3. It is now under construction and may be using 1 GB RAM. And dual core processor.

4. It gives you the experience with Web browsing, email, media, camera, VoIP, instant messaging, GPS, blogging, digital TV, games, contacts, dates/calendar, simple software updates will be available periodically.[2] Ubuntu Mobile Edition will only need a touch screen device and a finger for navigation.

It is upcoming and it's features also keeps remaining something mystery. So you have to wait until it's announcement.


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Ubuntu OS phone soon to be out


If you are wondering about the features and specifications of the new Ubuntu for Android, see the information below:

  • Both Ubuntu and Android run at the same time on the phone without emulation and or virtualization and without having to reboot the device because both share the same kernel.
  • It features a standard Ubuntu desktop interface when the phone is connected to a desktop monitor.
  • It features the Ubuntu TV experience when connected to a TV.
  • It can run standard Ubuntu desktop applications like Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, VLC media player, and others.
  • The Ubuntu desktop has the ability to run Android applications.
  • You can receive SMS messages and phone calls right from the desktop.

If you are interested to know other important information regarding this new Smartphone operating system, you may visit Ubuntu | Devices | Ubuntu for Android | Features and specifications.

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