TV Tuner Card Driver Error in AverMedia

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I am enjoying TV in my desktop pc by using an internal AverMedia TV tuner card. Last night while I was enjoying a sports event suddenly my pc shut down automatically. Immediately after that I have checked the power supply and other hardware and found nothing unusual. After then I have started the pc again and try to run the TV tuner software. But very sadly I am not getting the normal service and it shows that no TV tuner drive found. I have tried by uninstall/reinstall the software and also tried by placing the hardware into different slot of motherboard, but getting the same issue. Please help me.

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TV Tuner Card Driver Error in AverMedia


Hi there,

Since you have already tried reinstalling and using a different slot for the tv card, i would suggest the following:

1.       Try to get the latest driver and firmware from the manufacturer’s website and install them accordingly. You should be able to find information of how to go about these updates on the website. Try and select your TV card. You might also try to search for similar issues in the Knowledge Center or contact their support services describing them about the issue.

2.       Try to think of any software/hardware installations that you might have done recently. If you have try removing them and see how it goes.

3.       If nothing helps try to restore windows to a previous state (assuming that you have windows restore turned on). Select a day/time when everything seemed to be working perfectly in your PC. To restore (Depending you’re your OS Version I am presuming you have Win7. Earlier version will not be very different)

a.       Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore

b.      Click Next and select a date/time according to your need.

c.       Click Finish.

d.      Your PC will restart to a previous state but won’t have any effect on your documents.

4.       If nothing above works out try reinstalling windows and reinstalling all your drivers.

5.       If nothing works out even after that please refer to a qualified technician assuming that you have some hardware problem with your TV Card.

Best of Luck!

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TV Tuner Card Driver Error in AverMedia


Try removing the TV Tuner card on your computer and then plug it back again. Test if it will work. If nothing happens, place it on a different slot and just try every slot until it is found. You can check if the device is found by looking at the device manager. If you still have a problem with detecting your TV Tuner card, try erasing the part where it is connected to the slot.

The device is defective if none of the said solution above will work for it. I suggest that you buy a new TV Tuner card or avail the warranty of your TV Tuner card if it is still available.

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