Trouble with WebDev install on Windows 7

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Hi TechyV buddies!

I have changed the OS of my pc from XP o windows & due to system crash. Now, with my new OS, I have installed webdev 15 to do my work. However, while I was installing it, I was prompted to install IIS 6.0 and some other options. So in order to finish the process I was forced to install those prompted options. Now, I was able to load my work but I can’t test it. An error keeps on appearing. The error is:

"Check of the application server failed. What do you want to do?"

Together with this error is a help option but it does nothing in solving the problem. I have tried to seek help by reading some post regarding html but that did not work either. Whenever I try to reinstall the application server, an error message pops out, saying that I cannot install it on dev machine. Can anyone help me solve this problem? We were using new database program and we are a bit in a hurry in finishing some projects. So, we are begging for help here guys. We will appreciate any help rendered. Thank you!

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Trouble with WebDev install on Windows 7


Hello Jose,

That error is occurring probably because the setup application that you are using to perform the installation is corrupt. To resolve the issue therefore you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the internet and then get another copy of the WedDev application to use it for installation. First check the system specifications of your operating so that you do not end up downloading a version that is incompatible.
  • Make sure that you download the application from a trusted site, because some sites may have applications that are corrupt.
  • Another option will be to purchase a new copy of the application from the store near you.

Hope this helps.



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