Trouble with embedded AutoCAD in MS Word

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Hey everyone,

I’m having trouble with the embedded AutoCAD files in Microsoft Word 2007.  I’m currently using AutoCAD 2008 and it works just fine but when I try to start them up from a Word document by simply clicking on the embedded file I get the following message:

“Microsoft Office Word

The program used to create this object is AutoCAD. That program is not installed on your computer. To edit this object, you must install a program that can open the object.”

Thank you in advance for any details you share.

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Trouble with embedded AutoCAD in MS Word


Hi Oscar,

Make sure that while in Autocad you select all the objects that you need to copy in word, I mean make sure they are grouped together. Then Click on edit then copy. Go to word then click on EDIT then choose 'paste special'.

The paste special option allows you to retain the formatting at the destination which in this case is the ms word document as it is at the source which is the autocad document. Simply selecting copy then paste will re-arrange the images in the destination to suit the word document formatting options.

Hope this helps,



Lee Hung.

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Trouble with embedded AutoCAD in MS Word


Dear Oscar,

The answer to the question is simply copy and paste special. However, if you want to show yourself a techno guy, you must follow the other route.

The object that you have created might not be created from AutoCAD 2008 but would have been from earlier version of AutoCAD.

Therefore, you need to install previous version of AutoCAD that you were using to open that image in Microsoft Word.

It’s fine even if you install both the AutoCAD version in your PC.

How to do it? Follow these steps –

1. Download that earlier AutoCAD version

2. Install that AutoCAD version

3. Open the object again.

Best of luck!

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