Microsoft Word Shortcuts problem in functions

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I am a new Microsoft office user. I just started working with Microsoft Word. I can type first. But problem is functions. I can do functions or operation with shortcuts. I want to keep all the shortcuts in one file, to always remember it. But I am not able to find all the shortcuts. Can anyone post useful shortcuts of Microsoft Word for me?

This will be a great favor to me.

Please anyone do it for me.

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Microsoft Word Shortcuts problem in functions


Here are some useful MS Word Shortcuts.

Ctrl +Home:At the Start of File

Ctrl + End: At the End of File

Ctrl + D: Font

Ctrl + []: Handling Font Size

Ctrl + N:  New Document or New File

Ctrl + O:  Open File

Ctrl + S:Save File

Ctrl + P:  Print File

Ctrl + E:  Central Align

Ctrl + X:Cut the selected Section

Ctrl + Z:  Undo.

Ctrl + C:  Copy the selected Section.

Ctrl + G:  Go TO

Ctrl + Y:  Redo.

Ctrl + 1:   Line spacing with 1 point

Ctrl + 2:   Line spacing with 2 point

Ctrl + B:  Bold

Ctrl + I:   Italic

Ctrl + U:  Underline

Shift + Page Down: Scroll down one screen

Shift + Page Up: Scroll Up one screen

Shift + F3: Making Capital letters to small and vice versa

Shift + F1: Help

Tab: 4 spaces at one time. Go to another cell in table

End:End of the line

Home: At start of the line


F1:Online Help

F4:Same instruction

F7:Spelling and Grammar

F12:  Save As

Alt + F3:Auto Text

Alt + I + B: Page Break

Alt + Shift + BackSpace:  Redo

Ctrl + Shift + F: Font change

Ctrl + Shift + A: Capital letters

Ctrl + Shift + P: Changing Font Size

Ctrl + Shift + >: Increasing Font Size

Ctrl + Shift + <: Decreasing Font Size

Ctrl + Shift + W: Underline a letter

Ctrl + Shift + H: Hide

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Microsoft Word Shortcuts problem in functions


That was really cool david hogg.

My boss usually send me word file to format and to properly align them. Well i am just a basic user of word.

And i really i don't know which options are in which menu… Now this shortcuts really help me doing tasks in correct time.

Thanks a lot… thank you very much!

Good luck !

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