Tips on making my computer work efficiently

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Hi Techyv Team,

I need some working tips that makes my computer/laptop working efficient and faster.

My system is going to be slow and slow.

let me know about the problem and also the solutions.

So that i can work faster.

Whenever i tried to do some work, it takes 2,3 mints to load the application each time, let me know about the issue.

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Tips on making my computer work efficiently


For making your computer work faster and efficient, you need to clean its cache and ram files on regular basis as you are go through with cleanliness of your other things like room, bike and many more. If you are using internet regularly, then you know that it generates many temp files while you are working with internet, after closing internet working and before shutting down your computer, just give it five mints to remove all temp files. For this search “*.tmp” files and delete all of them. You will find that your computer working is improved after this.

More over, you need to perform some tasks on weekly basis when you can spend about 20 to 30 mints with your computer without your priority works. In this time you will perform tasks given:

1: Defragment Now
2: Check Now
3: Disk Cleanup

All these three operations are available on each disk drive’s “properties” menu. For example if you want to perform these operations on “D” drive, you need to open “My Computer”. Then select “D” drive from the list of the drives given, then right click on the required drive. Select “Properties”, then from general tab select “Disk Cleanup”. After few mints this operation will be completed. And then press “Tools” tab from the properties menu and select “Check Now” and “Defragment Now” operations one by one. Perform this process on weekly or fortnightly (15 Days) bases. It will make your computer working faster and efficient, I can guarantee this. Enjoy

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Tips on making my computer work efficiently


There are many ways of improving your computer's overall performance. But first, check the actual hardware you are using and don't just focus on the software side.

If you are using Windows XP or higher, the processor you should use ranges from Pentium 4 and up. You can still use Pentium 3 on Windows XP, but it will get a little slower. And also consider a bigger RAM memory installed on your CPU. Well, the hardware aspect really depends on the need of the person who are going to use it.

If you are into video editing, a much faster processor is a prerequisite. And also a much bigger capacity of RAM is needed to make the processing and saving of the materials faster. Don’t forget the graphics card. You really need a video card with a high memory if you are a gamer, especially. This will help the processing of the video effects and lessen the burden on the processor side.

When comes to software, there are ways you can do to improve the performance.

  1. Click on Start, and then hit Run.
  2. On the dialog box, type msconfig then hit ENTER or just click the OK button.
  3. Click on Startup tab.
  4. Uncheck all the items there that you think you don’t need. Click Apply then OK.

Then restart your computer.

You could also install a software called Dr. Salman’s Windows Power Tools. Look for the latest version that is applicable to your current OS. It has HyperWindows which optimizes the following parts of Windows:

Memory and File System

  • Windows dll handling
  • Windows Paging Executive
  • Fast Shutdown
  • File Allocation Size
  • Prefetch Acceleration
  • NTFS Performance
  • Windows IRQ Handling
  • Windows Prefetch

Network System

  • DNS Cache

This tool streamlines Windows Core Matrix settings which makes Windows run faster and gives more stability to Windows Core Components. This makes browsing through the directory structure faster, optimizes Windows DLL handling functions, paging executive, improves Windows shutdown speed, optimizes File Allocation Size, Prefetch and IRQ handling.

It also has HyperNet which accelerates your internet connection depending on the type of connection you have. This tool optimizes various internet settings and boosts internet speed up to 3x the default speed. It also has Quick Accelerator which boosts Windows Start Menu by 4x.

You can also try installing Norton SystemWorks. It has many tweaks and has a Windows diagnostic tool which scans the internal components of Windows system.

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