Transmit Data from the Sensor to Database

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I hope that someone could help me with a right solution with my problem. My simple sensor is connected or attached to equipment where the sensor monitors its electrical conditions. However, I have thousands of equipments placed all over Southern California. I want to monitor those equipments remotely by transmitting the data from the sensors to the central database. Which type of wireless technology could I use?

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Transmit Data from the Sensor to Database


Could you please specify an estimated maximum distance from your sensor to the central database. And any other constraints you might have such a power supply and cost.

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Transmit Data from the Sensor to Database


Here are the solutions:

1st solution:  

I think the easiest solution is to use the internet. You can connect your security cam with the satellite modem and it transfers data onto an internet-based monitoring system.

Requirements for the system:

a) Portable tripod.

b) Electronic Enclosure box.

c) Data Access and electronic accessories.

d) Monitoring Components.

e) Antenna.

d) Power station and battery.

e) GPS/Satellite modem.

f)  Web maintenance fee.

g) Modem fee.

2nd solution:

You need long distance remote control technology. Of course, it is wireless. You have to buy signal transmitters and receivers (Consider distances and number of locations). You can buy it here:

Set a transmitter and a receiver on your main monitoring office, and set the other stations too. To connect all of them, you need a Long Range Wireless Switch System (LRWSS).You need to set the wireless data controller too.

You can find more details here:

3rd solution:

If you want to do this a lot, it is helpful to buy a frequency channel. Then, you can easily configure the wireless security cams to desired locations and monitor them.

I hope this helps.


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