Track location of lost phone

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Is it possible to trace the exact location of a lost phone using the IMEI No.?

I have read a website who confirms that its true but I need opinion since I haven't got a reply from the website.

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Track location of lost phone


No, it is not, but an owner of a phone has the ability to track a cellular phone through a GPS (global positioning satellite) chip.

These chips have by now been installed in many latest mobile phones and can be purchased and installed in older mobile phones.

You need to inquire to the maker if the phone is capable in taking a GPS chip. If so, the chips can be purchased at any mobile phone stores, either from the company or through the Internet. Install based to the manufacturer's installation instructions.

You also need to verify with the mobile phone service company and find out if it offers a GPS capability on its network. Bigger and wider services, such as AT&T /Cingular, Verizon, and Nextel/ Sprint, provide the GPS capabilities on their network.

Disney Mobile is intended and manufactured to allow child mobile phone tracking through GPS.

Look for a location-based service, such as or AccuTracking, which frequently works with the mobile phone service companies. Independent services like Mologogo, among others, are also accessible.

However, these kinds of services may indict small or moderate payments for tracking through GPS.

Make use of the computer to browse through the location-based service provider's website. Log in and do what is indicated in the instructions to subscribe plus to download to your computer its software.

Make use of the computer-phone cable to connect the mobile phone which will be tracked to the computer. Do what is indicated in the instructions to load from the computer the GPS-tracking software into the mobile phone, and, if needed, to activate it using the mobile phone's menu.

Provide the mobile phone to the user the make use of the computer to log onto the location-based service provider's tracking website. Depending on the service, it can provide information on the mobile phone's location on a MapQuest grid or Google.

Several services are also capable in telling at what speed the phone is moving, how long it has been in one position and even the altitude.

Some services will send a text message to another mobile phone if the tracked mobile phone departs a pre-determined area.

If the tracker has a mobile phone with a wireless Internet access, he/she may be able to make use of that instead of a computer in tracking the phone.

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