The touch screen on my ipod touch is not functioning

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My aunt bought me an iPod touch from the US last month and it was working properly, even though it was already used before. Now for the 1 month I had the iPod, I cannot count how many times I dropped the device and how many times I overcharged it. Now I cannot scroll using the touch screen. I would like to find a professional to check the problem out, but then the people I consult would tell me, that I need to bring it to an authorized Apple store and apparently, there is no authorized Apple store in our city. Please help. Thanks.
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The touch screen on my ipod touch is not functioning


Dear LeviRae,

I have some solutions that will solve your problem.

  • If your touch screen is not working, this is maybe because your iPod collected dust and debris. You can take this to a repair shop (as there is no Apple store in your City) and ask them to clean it.
  • Try to hard reset your iPod. But if you reset it, you will erase all the data from your device. So you need to connect your iPod to the computer, to create a backup so you can still restore your files. You can reset it by holding together the standby button and the home button for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.
  • Another reason why your touch screen is not working is that maybe it is broken. If the #2 solution doesn't work, you have to put it in recovery mode. Hold the home button for 10 seconds then hold the standby button for 10 seconds as well. After doing that, let go of the standby button but keep holding the home button for 20 seconds more, and then let go. Then when you plug your phone to the computer, iTunes will identify it as 'iPod in recovery mode'. 
  • Another reason could be, that your digitizer stopped working. The digitizer is the one, which senses your touch. If your iPod cannot sense your touch, most likely it will not respond. So I suspect, your digitizer must be broken. You can buy digitizer on eBay or you can ask your repair man where you can purchase it.
  • Try this temporary solution: Put a little pressure at the back and bottom right corners of your iPod. You can only do this temporarily, as you may damage your iPod if done regularly.
  • You can search the internet, for Apple Stores and tell them your concern, as they are the best ones who can fix your problem. Like, if you are from US, you can call them at 1-800-MY-APPLE. Or you can go to this link and search the place you are in and contact the Apple Store nearest to your City:
  • Try to replace your non-working touch screen with a new one. You can do this by yourself but with a great risk at hand. It will be more fragile and prone to breakage, if you cannot assemble it properly. So might as well, leave it to the experts. BUT, if you are eager to do it yourself, here's how:
  1. First, unscrew the back of your iPod and pull it up on all sides then lift the digitizer and place it on one side.
  2. Pull out the battery from the motherboard; remove the small black tape that shows 3 more screws.
  3. Remove the screw that holds the touch screen then remove the foil that you can see at the top of the iPod.
  4. When you are done removing the file, remove the 7 screws on the metal frame, then take out the ribbon connector that you can see above the dock port of the touch screen.
  5. And lastly, lift the metal frame with a flat screw driver and put it aside. And then you will now place your new iPod touch screen.

If you want a repair kit for your iPod, you can visit, they have tools needed for your iPod touch screen replacement.

  • You can also try to drain your battery and leave/do not use it for 2 days. Then after 2 days, charge the battery and press the power on.
  • Try also to turn off your auto brightness because it can lessen the flickering of the iPod. Sometimes this is essential to your iPod because it can fix defects on your screen. If your touch screen isn't working, turning off your auto brightness will take care of the problem itself.
  • Ask your aunt where she bought the iPod. If she bought it from Apple store, ask her for the warranty of the iPod, so she can return it to them and have it replaced. But if she did not buy it from the Apple store and you don't want to send back the iPod and no one in the repair shops can fix it, then maybe you have to replace your iPod with a new one.

Hope these solutions works for you! Good luck!


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The touch screen on my ipod touch is not functioning


Hi LeviRae,

It is really an inconvenience, if the screen of the iPod is not working. Here are some steps that you can follow for us to be able to solve your issue and if the steps will not help, you can actually call Apple technical support and they will be able to provide you options on how you can send your iPod back to Apple, for you to get a replacement.

  1. If you are using a protective cover/case for your iPod, please remove it so that we are sure that it there are no hindrances.
  2. Try resetting the iPod: Press and hold the home button (located at the bottom) and the sleep/wake button (at the top right) at the same time for about 8 seconds until you see the Apple logo. Please ignore the slide to power off. After the iPod boots up, try to check the camera.
  3. Let's do reset the other way. On your iPod, tap on Settings > General > Reset > Reset settings. Wait for the iPod to restart and try to check if it will respond to your touch.
  4. If step number 1 and 2 will not work, try to update the software of the iPod just to check if its just the software or the iPod itself. In order for us to update the software of the iPod, follow the steps below.
  5. Make sure that you do have the latest version of iTunes on your computer and internet connection.
  • On your computer, open iTunes > click on HELP (for Windows) / iTunes (for MAC) and click on check for updates then download the updates.
  • Before we update, we need to backup what we have on the iPod because we will lose it after the update. Connect the iPod to the computer. On the left side, you will find Devices and under it, the name of your iPod. Right Click on the name of your iPod and then click on backup.
  • After backup and updating the version of iTunes, we are now ready for the update. Left click on the name of your iPod and at the right side of iTunes, you will see there Version and under it the Update button.
Wait for the update to finish and then try connecting to your internet and if you are still having the same issue, it is not the software of the iPhone but the hardware itself. What you can do is, you can actually call Apple for the replacement of the iPhone if you are still under the warranty. Hope this helps you. All the best. 

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