Time Capsule Hanging Backup Files

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I am having trouble with my disk space. I am not sure if it can still hold a file in my network computer. I am confused  with the capacity.  It seems like it is full, where all my files are not too large to feed the free space for almost three fourth of free space.

I decided to configure the problem, I tried to backup my files. It took two days, and it still keeps reading.  It doesn't stop. What is the best option to back up my entire files?

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Time Capsule Hanging Backup Files



Depending on the capacity of the drive, backing up 1TB of files will take some time. It is recommended that you stop all the programs running and just leave the computer as it transfer the files. For better result, you might also want consider a complete formatting of the back drive so that it will act as a fresh drive.

You could also disable the Sleep Mode feature from the System Preferences Window. If you are using a Laptop, make sure that the power cable is connected properly and is charging the computer. No interruptions should be made as it will cause to data error. The most reliable way of transferring files to a back drive is by using a direct connection, instead of connecting the Time Capsule to a network.

Hope this helps.

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