Is there a way to bypass the system administrator?

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I am having an issue with my own laptop. To be exact, my laptop is Dell. The issue with my laptop is, for some reason (I don’t know what the reason is) my laptop stuck at a white blank display that asks me to enter a system password. But when I do the same, it use to keep saying that “password not accepted”. 

In-fact, everything worked fine before a few days ago. Whereas, when I turned it on after some days, my laptop booted to a white screen that asked for a secure log-on password and after entering my password, it says wrong password and to try again but I have entered a valid one.

Additionally, it has been observed by me that The F2 function key and F12 function key buttons did not work at all too. That is why right now, I can’t get pass this appeared system screen. This problem has become the cause of great worry for me but I have not given up flatly and tried different IT techniques to solve it but am not successful here.

For the sake of kicking-off my worries about this particular issue I firstly tried to get into the system setup and boot options menu by pressing F2 and F12 but to nothing updated there and no trick for me by which I could do so.

Than, I tried inspecting for my keyboard fault (because I was not sure if maybe the keyboard is stuck or not responding, pressing wrong keys? Because I cannot see what password is being typed, it does not show what is being typed) but it is guaranteed that the keyboard is working absolutely fine.

I also have tried to contact Dell support but no help is forthcoming from there side to me (so far).

I am very much helpless and needy to know about the tricks to fix this issue.

I am extremely curious to know, is there a way to bypass the system administrator?

 Can anyone help? I really need my laptop for College.

Any suggestion/clue would be extremely appreciated and I would like to say that I am thankful to you in advance.

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Is there a way to bypass the system administrator?


That problem can be solved by applying new “BIOS” to your laptop. Bios are abbreviation of basic input /output system.

Basically it boots the computer and loads the programs in to the computer, or it boot the computer. In the problem you tell me it is looking the error of BIOS.

Bios can be either download or can be renewed from a Hardware consultant. As it is a mini chip inside the computer. It contains instructions related to passwords and booting systems.

You can consult this web address also:

I am posting some other solutions also you may concern to them also:

Concern to the CD’s come with you system or see the manual of your Laptop, it can be downloaded from the Laptop’s company web site if it is not available to you.

See the stickers of your laptop.

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Is there a way to bypass the system administrator?


Solution 1)

Have you ever listened something about backdoor passwords?

Unfortunately, there are a couple of BIOS models and manufacturers, especially for the laptops computers; anyway the most common are AMI, Phoenix or Award.

Try to identify your BIOS and check for its backdoor password, here’s a good start point:

Solution 2)

If you have programming skills, you can try to write your own program which can read 0x370 and 0x371 memory ports. On the same web page listed above, you can find a smart utility useful for many BIOS models. Obviously, you must have successfully booted up your Operating system.

Last solution)

The last chance you can take is provided by hardware. The temporary removal of the backup battery on motherboard will delete all BIOS settings including the password.

In alternative to the battery removal, you can search for a switch which does the password deletion.

Your motherboard datasheet can give you more information.

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