There was an error copying the file

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Recently, I got an error message when I was trying to copy some important files. I really can’t understand this annoying error message. I am just trying to fix this issue but can’t find any proper resolution that’s why I need your help. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There was an error copying

Error while copying “Im_alpha-numeric-symbol32-space-#1-7_1_15200x67108864_6.rt.lzma”

There was an error copying the file into/


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There was an error copying the file


Hi Robert,

It looks like the copying was interrupted by something. This is likely to happen if something interferes with the copying protocol or task. If you are trying to copy from a server using a WiFi connection, I would suggest you try copying the files by using LAN or Ethernet cables. Another workaround is to leave out this file while copying so that it does not stop the whole copying process.

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