Is there something wrong with user Library Folder – OSX LION?

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I have seen some bugs in OSXLION developer seed, so I reinstalled the snow Leopard. Even if I installed it from original DVD, the following is not getting right.

1) Iphoto

2) Jdownloader

3) Aperture

4) The igetter downloading is getting break.

5) Airport is not getting automatically connect.

User Library Folder is missing and it doesn’t see in the home and nothing found in searching.

What could be the mistake; do I have to buy a mac pro? 

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Is there something wrong with user Library Folder – OSX LION?




I have not heard or this issue or bug. So I'm wondering how are you installing Leopard. Are you installing it as an upgrade or as a fresh install? You might be having this issue if you are installing as an upgrade because maybe there are some compatibility issues happening when the previous version of the Mac OS is being upgraded.

So I would look to make sure this is not happening and maybe tr and perform a fresh install. I don't think it matters if it is a Mac Book Pro or not as this is the new OS for all Mac systems. I would also make sure that you don't have any corruption on the drive or the media being used. Lastly please make sure that when doing the install you put in any patches or fixes released by Apple.

I know of the top of my head they have already release one fix to address and LDAP problem. Hope this will help with your problem.


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