Is there a software needed in setting up a Diskless Network?

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I have Internet cafe, I want to convert our network into a diskless system. I heard that there are many advantages in this kind of system. Please can anyone share their knowledge about this and what software or program needed to make this system work.

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Is there a software needed in setting up a Diskless Network?



This is true Diskless Network or Diskless System or Diskless Workstation reduces costs, power and cooling tools and accelerates upgrades and deployments. Diskless System is a system that has a host PC and a client PC having the Client PC without a physical drive or hard drive media but instead having a removable storage device like a flash drive or a CD-ROM drive.

Diskless Workstations run their operating system through a server over a local area connection. The operating system is not stored or physically attached to the workstation, applications in the operating system can use server-based resources or client resources running in fat-client mode.


  1. Ubuntu system preferably nfs-kernel-server and tftpd server (server side). If possible use a back-up server to avoid downtime and use Multi-Server Load Balancing
  2. At least one PXE-bootable system (client). Diskless booting requires you to have a DHCP server which a bootable PXE network card will query to get its configuration and location of the file to tftp from the server.
  3. Setup client PC first for final configuration before starting.
  4. Enough disk space on the server to hold the client system file.
  5. Fast network connection between the client and the server.
  6. A DHCP server capable of supporting PXE clients, or having a separate network where you can run a dedicated DHCP server.
  7. A good understanding of Linux.

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