How to use ide para iPad free software “PadEdit” properly?

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Hi to everyone.

As each person is familiar with iPad and so many work is continued on it. I was searching for ide para iPad free code editor, in the mean while I found PadEdit. But there is a problem while opening project files, it combines all functions and not represent whole code in proper way. It also creates problems while showing braces. Please help me how to use it or suggest some other editor?

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How to use ide para iPad free software “PadEdit” properly?


Hi dear Sophieissabell,

Thank you for your question. We are here to assist you. You are using PadEdit. I think you can use the others one, rather than using these one. Most probably it has some problem. Use the following editor rather than the former one. Hope you can overcome your problem.

Hare you find 15 code editors. Hope you enjoy my answer Smartbear

Have a nice day.

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