There is a clicking sound on HP Folio 1040

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I bought a HP Ultrabook Folio 1040, which worked fine for a while until recently when it produces some clicking sounds. Infact, it is so loud that you can hear it from one across a silent room. I recently replaced my 128 harddisk with a Sandisk 256 GB hard drive. Could this be the cause of the problem? Since I do not think it is normal, can I be able to solve it? 

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There is a clicking sound on HP Folio 1040


Good day!

This is based on facts and personal experiences with my old computers. “Ticking” sound is not good especially if it’s coming from any of your device. It doesn't matter if it’s desktop or laptop, any piece of technology the produces “ticking” sound might be in trouble.

I have one when I was in college. I first ignored it but I can hear every time I start or restart my PC. I opened my pc and checked if the ticking sound is coming from CPU fan, processor fan, video card, hard disc and CD-ROM. The came from my hard disc. I bought new one to avoid any problems. It happened again and it’s coming from hard disc again.

What is the reason why we can hear “ticking” or noise coming out from it after certain time? It is because of “cyclic-redundancy.” It is same explanation with CD inside your CD-ROM. It will spin as fast as a bullet that produces a little noise and in the future unusable CD because of scratches.

This problem cannot be solved. Better to replace any part of it that produces noise or bring it first to HP Retail/Service Center.


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