How to optimize chrome for low ram

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I am using Google Chrome for browsing. I am using 4MB DSL connection. But I am receiving very low speed on chrome. While I test my speed on other browser on my PC, they give better results. I searched on the internet and find that I have to optimize the chrome as my RAM specification is low. Now I want to optimize chrome for low ram.

Please tell me how doing this.

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How to optimize chrome for low ram


It is a common problem, I also face this problem. You didn't mention your RAM size, so first I would like to suggest that you increase your RAM. You can use these RAM Optimizer software:

To optimize the performance of Chrome.

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How to optimize chrome for low ram


Hello Angela,

I can give you the best solution to speed up Chrome. Increasing your RAM memory should be the best solution. If you cannot afford to buy a new RAM slot then you can follow below instructions.

1) Clean your Temporary Cache data.

2) Remove or delete all unnecessary files.

3) Install Ad block.

4) Delete all Viruses.

5) If upper instructions cannot give good result then optimize your registry and other files.

Learn how to optimize Google chrome from here:

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How to optimize chrome for low ram


That’s right. Since Google Chrome eats much of the memory when you use it, everything will slow down especially your internet connection. This is because of the very low amount of resources that can be used for processing. In Google Chrome, you can do some things to somehow improve the performance of your browser. Start Google Chrome then in the address bar, type without quotes “chrome://extensions” then hit Enter.

This will open the “Extensions” tab. In the “Extensions” tab, disable all extensions by unchecking the “Enable” boxes. When you install the Google Chrome web browser, the following extensions are installed and enabled by default:

  • Docs
  • Google Docs Offline
  • Sheets
  • Slides

They add to the memory consumption of the browser. If you don’t use them, you can disable them to free up some memory.

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