Telnet in relation to windows

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What is Telnet and how can I use it to Windows?

Aside from telnet, what are other text-based programs that will help me connect to the other computer using an internet?

Please help.


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Telnet in relation to windows


Telnet is a program that lets you access a computer remotely from your own computer.

The computer you wish to connect to should be within your network, if you are in a Local Area Network, or should have access to the internet.

If the computer you wanted to connect to doesn’t have anything, like it doesn’t have an internet connection or it is not connected to a network for example a LAN, then you can not use Telnet on it.

Before using Telnet, you should obtain first the target computer’s IP address or its internet name to be able to establish a connection between the computers. Without it, it is still impossible to make a connection using Telnet.

  1. Click Start then Run.
  2. Type telnet (the domain name) or telnet (the target computer’s actual IP address) then hit Enter.
  3. Enter your login credentials and password when asked by the server.
  4. You can now view the root directory of the computer you are connected to. You can browse the contents, delete, copy, edit, or move files on that computer.
  5. Enter telnet ?/help for additional telnet commands.
  6. Enter close if you are done using telnet.

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