How to use Telnet software

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Hi everyone,

I was practicing with my Boson software and i want to telnet from one 2621 router to another 2621 router. The question i have is in the book it says on the configuration mode type "Telnet IP_address ".

But i have 2 serial interfaces and 1 ethernet interface than which IP address should i use to telnet as in books there is nothing specified. It just says type in the ip address of the router.


Garry Kirtsen

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How to use Telnet software


Connecting to Telnet Server

First think to know is the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the telnet server; this is the way to connect to that server. Here’s how to get the IP address of your telnet server. Be sure the Telnet service is running on that computer.

  1. Click the Start button then run or just press Window + R in the keyboard. Run dialog box appears on the screen.
  2. Type CMD.EXE on the run input box then clicks Ok.  A black screen comes in and that is your Command Line Interface or the CLI.
  3. On the command prompt, type IPCONFIG the press Enter key. You will see on the result the listings of adapters you have and their corresponding IP address. You will see just one Adapter if you have only one Ethernet card connected into your computer.
  4. Take a note for the IP address of your Telnet Server.

Before connecting you must know first how your network was configured. If you are in the same LAN you can connect through your software immediately by just running your TELNET connection software then provide the noted IP address from the telnet server as well as the username and password.

If you are not in the same network and connected via internet, be sure that the telnet server internet connection has a Static IP because this is the one you will be using to connect from the TELNET client. You need to forward the IP address of your computer to the router so that outside connection will be accepted. Find information about IP FORWARDING on the internet for the configuration.

After all thinks configured on the TELNET server, run your TELNET software then provide the Static IP or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provided IP to you. Off course provide also the username and password to connect.

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