Tell me where can I find an avi recording software

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Hello TechyV support people.

I will try to make this short and concrete.

I want to make some captures from my desktop, more like tutorial videos for games.

But I can not find a software that will allow me to do that.

I have tried Fraps but it makes a 10 minutes capture of at least 400MB and that is too much.

I need you to tell me where can I find an avi recording software with voice recognition that will help me create these tutorials, and I kind of need it fast,

So any help would be appreciated.

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Tell me where can I find an avi recording software


Fraps is the best video game recorder on the market.

It records with 100/fps, records streaming audio, online sources, desktop sources and it should not have any time limit.

To have unlimited recording time you need to have the full version of Fraps.

The only downside of Fraps is that it takes a lot of space and it does not run on Windows 8.

The alternative for Fraps will be Action.

Action has all the futures that Fraps has + more. But the performance is not as good as Fraps.

Action runs on 60/fps, which depends on your video game, can run laggy/slowly/choppy. Action will also not require of lot of space to create your videos.

You can find any of this online at any store. Here you can find other video game recorders.

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