Tell me what is Easy Face Manager software

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As the title of the question says, I am wondering what is Easy Face Manager software.

I heard a lot of things about this, and also did a bit of research but I don't understand what does this software do.

I know that it is related to a Webcam or something like that.

Can you tell me something about this software, features and utilities please?

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Tell me what is Easy Face Manager software


The Easy Face Manager is nothing else then a face recognition program.

This program will scan the users face and use it for the recognition process.

The Easy Face Manager will scan your eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw.

It will memorize your face and you can use this program to log on your computer. 

The program will only recognize your face and nobody else's face. The program will know when you will leave your desktop, and if you are gone for a certain period of time, the computer will log off until you will come back.

When you will try to log in again, the program will scan your face (with the help of your webcam), and if it recognizes you, it will log in.

In order to perfect the face recognition it is recommended to take multiple pictures of your face.


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