Tell me how to view fonts in AutoCAD 2005

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I think the title speaks for itself. I have to edit and design some things in AutoCAD, and I am not sure about the fonts.

For example if I use some fonts, will anyone be able to see them?

What I want is for you guys to tell me how to view fonts in AutoCAD 2005, a list of all the fonts, so that I will know better what to use and if every user will be able to see them without problems.

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Tell me how to view fonts in AutoCAD 2005


Hello Sue!

If you want to make sure that everyone will see the fonts you use in your projects, then you should use only the fonts that ship with AutoCAD, so everyone automatically has them.

You can find a list with all the fonts that originally come when you install the program in the AutoCAD Sample folder, it is usually called TrueType and it's in .dwg format.

If you don't want to look for it manually, just use the Search feature on your computer. Otherwise, you can always count on the Roman series, even if it's not that satisfactory from a visual point of view, it's the most widely used font.

Good luck with your project!

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