Task Manager not responding and uknown application launch

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Hello guys,

I got my new computer with extreme gaming performance. It comes with Windows 8. I usually leave it on Sleep Mode when not in use so it will be easy for me to go back when I need to. However, I've got an error that says:

"C:Program FilesTabletPenPen_Tablet.exe"

With follow up message stating:

"The extended attributes are inconsistent".

I clicked on the OK button and the Launch Application dialog box appears. I launched the Task Manager to avoid the process and it stops responding. It fails and make a duplicate then removes the other one and so on. And now, I was unable to access the Task Manager to know what the issue is. The mouse cursor seems to be loading which just shows my CPU usage of 100%. I can access the games on my computer and the Internet. Can someone please provide some resolution?

Thanks in advance.



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Task Manager not responding and uknown application launch


1. Restart your computer. Keeping your computer in idle position or in sleep mode makes it slower.
2. First of all you need to use your antivirus. Start your antivirus and do a full-system scan if it is possible.
3. If it does not work then you need something stronger. Download Hijackthis software which is a software to detect malware. This is the address you can download it: https://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/
4. After it finishes downloading, simply run it and accept the agreement. Click on “do a system scan and save a log file”. It will scan through your processes which you are not able to see now by using a regular task manager.
5. When the scan is finished it will open a text file about your processes. There you may see all of your processes. Also don’t close the program main window since you may need to “fix” some of them. But here you must be careful if you don’t know what these things mean I advice you to use the website https://www.hijackthis.de/ where you will see a text box to enter your logfile. There you may copy and paste your log file. Then click analyze. There the unsecure and safe applications will be listed. You may fix your processes according to this list.
6. If hijackthis does not help try to use the software called process explorer. It is simply like your task manager shows processes. Download and run the software.
7. If all of these steps do not help download ccleaner. This application lets you view the programs or processes done at the start of the windows OS. İf you can disable the processes you don’t know this may help.

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Task Manager not responding and uknown application launch


You are not only wasting money for leaving your computer on standby even if no one is using it. Even if a computer is on standby or in sleep mode, the machine itself still consumes electricity and it is not safe to leave your computer on this state while you were out.

In cases where there is a power interruption and the power came back and you were not there the whole time without knowing the whole thing, your machine can get damaged. When a computer is in sleep mode or in idle, programs are still running. It is also during this time that your antivirus runs idle scans and will continue until the entire drive is finished scanning.

So if your computer got an error when you go back, maybe the system automatically restarted and then committed that error on startup. If this is the case, try to shutdown the computer first since it is already running the whole time you were out. After maybe five minutes or longer, start it up again and it should be back to normal.

If the problem continues, reinstall the pen application or update it to the latest version.

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