Tab Rivalry Between Apple’s iPad 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy 4G.

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The continuous court battle between the world's two known technology developers, Apple and Samsung.

Who do you think will win the court?

How will this affect the loosing company?

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Tab Rivalry Between Apple’s iPad 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy 4G.


Both companies have their own advantages. Most people would probably choose Apple's iPad 2 over Samsung Galaxy 4G with the fact that it's more mature. It has a much larger screen (and a higher resolution), more internal storage, it is thinner, and it has more apps available as compared to Samsung Galaxy 4G. Also, it does everything that most consumers want, and does so to near perfection.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy 4G is more handy since it is smaller, and it's around 40% lighter compared to the iPad 2. It has a brighter and more vivid color reproduction, it has a faster processor, and its data transfer is even faster than that of the iPad 2. Samsung Galaxy would be more preferable for those who are practical, and those who wish to have a greater control over their tablet environment, and greater adaptability to adapt to new concepts and technologies as  they emerge.

Overall,  Samsung Galaxy 4G has the greater advantages, which makes a great difference in the competition among the two rivals. This will affect Apple Inc. in terms of their clients, and of course, their sales performance.

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