The @#%$#%@ system won’t read the [email protected]#@#% CD drives – Help

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Hello All,

So, I’m following the procedure “Submitted by JohnStewart on Wed, 2011-09-07 19:15. Comment Id: 27571”:

Try running SFC (System File Checker).  It is a Windows XP application that scans and (optionally) fixes Windows XP's system files.  If there are some system files that are corrupt (or even missing), System File Checker will replace it with a fresh copy.

Here is the procedure for running SFC (System File Checker).

1.  Open the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories > highlight Command Prompt, right-click and press "Run as…"

2.  Choose "The following user", select Administrator and enter the administrator password.

3.  Within the command prompt window, type this:   sfc /scannow

4.  Wait until SFC process is complete.

5.  Reboot.

Your device manager window should now be back to normal.

I do all of the above and can only make it to #4. A window pops up and instructs me to put my XP disc in the CD drive so it can refresh some files. I put the disc in both drives and the system won’t read either drive.

How can I get the drives read by the system?

Yes, the drives do appear in the bios listing when I boot the system so they are available just not read in windows.

Thank you for reading about my problem and for any help you can offer.

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The @#%$#%@ system won’t read the [email protected]#@#% CD drives – Help


Hello dear.

The method you are using to fix corrupted files is correct.. But in some case windows does not detect the windows CD.

Therefore you can do the scan when machine booting as follows.

1. Go to my computer

2. Right click on C

3. Properties->tools->check now

4. Schedule scans using fix system error tick

5. Insert the xp CD

6. Restart the machine

Then it will automatically fix the problems.


Repaired the system using the CD

Good luck.



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