System resources 100% in use

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Hi there,

Yesterday my Desktop computer was working well, I was downloading video files from YouTube and there was power blackout and I don't have a UPS, my computer booted well when the power was back but am finding it difficult to launch any application, I have started the system Manager and it shows that the computer is 100% busy, how can I free the system to allow me to launch applications, and what could be consuming the system memory so much since my antivirus indicates no malware?

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System resources 100% in use



It seems highly unlikely that your system could have received a physical damage. I believe it’s the processes that are running in the background that are hogging the memory. Since you did not mention the OS you are using I am assuming it is Windows 8.

  1. Right click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager”
  2. On the windows that opens up click on the CPU tab. This will show you the processes taking up the maximum memory
  3. Click on the unwanted process and End Process
  4. Do not close “System Interrupts” or “Explorer”
  5. Also Click on the startup tab and check if there are processes which are starting up and hogging your memory resources
  6. These steps should solve your problem


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