System Problem Bug In Ubuntu

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Often Ubuntu users constantly keep getting a report that shows system program problem detected and it keeps popping up even if you have solved all issues. How to stop this report from constantly popping up?

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System Problem Bug In Ubuntu


The above error report pops up in Ubuntu when some system program has crashed. Ubuntu has an application called Apport that detects such problems and prompts users to report it. Often when even after issues have been resolved and report files are not reclaimed this message keeps popping up. It can be deactivated using the following steps:

a) Apport crash reports are stored in /var/crash directory, these crash dumps cause the pop up window. They can be cleaned using the following command:

b) Even if that does not solve the problem we can simply turn of apport. Navigate to the following directory:

We will find a file like this at this position: Just set enabled to 0 and we should be good to go. Apport would stop functioning and reporting errors as above.


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