System Mechanic Cleaning file error

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OK so it's been a while since I have gotten this error while using system mechanic, but I have this issue where I get "Script

Errors" while cleaning my Files with it.

An error occurred in the script on this page

Line: 1

Char: 1

Error: Unexpected call to method or property access.

Code: 0

URL: res://C%3A%5CProgram%20Files%20(x86)%5ciolo%


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System Mechanic Cleaning file error


Hallo Maxine,

To fix that error, use the following workarounds:

  • You will need to uninstall the System Mechanic and forget about it altogether. I think System Mechanic as well as other programs related to it are a waste of time, effort as well as money and you will find that they usually result to a lot of problems than they solve. And there not much that system Mechanic does that you can't be able to do well with a little help from Google.
  • But if you insist on using System mechanic, then you should at least call their customer support and tell them whatever issue you are having so that they can help you fix it.




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System Mechanic Cleaning file error


Hello Maxine, 

It looks like your system mechanic is failing and need's to be reinstalled. For the time being, I've few more tweaks to solve out the issue, let them read here:

  1. As various script errors in related to Internet explorer, You need to read this article to troubleshoot script errors. 
  2. Write '%appdata%’ without quotes into the 'run' box and hit enter. Doing this will delete all the Java information presented in the registry. 
  3. Install the fresh copy of Java from here

Hope your issue will solve after trying the aforementioned steps. I'd recommend you to go with CCleaner instead of system mechanic as this is a very rude software and always give you pop error messages over time. 

Good Luck!!

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System Mechanic Cleaning file error


One reason for that is when you tried to open a link listed in the “Problems” section of System Mechanic which will automatically open your default web browser. Now, if your default web browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer, expect that this problem will happen. Script errors are pretty common when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. It can be received in almost any website you visit.

To avoid getting this error, change your default web browser. For example, to make Chrome the default web browser, start Google Chrome then go to menu and select “Settings” or just enter without quotes “chrome://settings” in the address bar then hit Enter. In Settings, scroll down and look for the “Default browser” section. Under “Default browser” section, click “Make Google Chrome the default browser”.

Set Google Chrome as default web browser
Set Google Chrome as default web browser

And that’s it. Google Chrome is now the default web browser. Now, every time you open a link on your computer or within System Mechanic, the link will now be opened with Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer. You will no longer see those script errors that frequently appear when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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