System File Mismatch Error on running World of Warcraft

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For setting my computer back to its original position, I did a full system restore as it was running too slow.  It was running fine for last few days but when I tried to open the World of Warcraft, an error displayed that you may be a victim of software counterfeiting. I did a search online and there tells to type slui.exe on the start to verify genuine windows.

I tried but again show an error saying “An unauthorized change has been made when you try to open this file”. “The system processor reported a system file mismatch error”. I am waiting for help from anyone.


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System File Mismatch Error on running World of Warcraft



I have heard this problem come around before, and I think i know the solution. The most simple way to do this and fix the problem is to re-install WoW or any other program that shows the same error on powering on. This happens because a lot of programs have a static IP address and a lot of "static" data which cannot be moved and suffer a lot when the whole system restores. So the best way is just to re-install them since it would be a lot of pain trying to figure out what is actually wrong.

You could verify Genuine ID, but I don`t think that this will help. I think the main cause of all of this are the static parts of programs and games which suffer when the system crashes, restores, etc.


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