System does not boot when I add a disk

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I have an Asus PC with an Intel dual core 2.6 processor and 6GB RAM. I also have 4 hard disks that I want installed. They are WD Caviar 500GB HDD, WD Caviar 80GB HDD, Hitachi 640GB HDD and the Western Digital 1TB HDD. Whenever I connected all of them via SATA, they do not work. Instead, I get an error message ‘Master Hard Disk Failure’, Press F1 to resume. F1 doesn’t solve any problem. When I use two Hard disks of whichever combination, it works fine. Adding a third or even a fourth results in to the message again. Please help

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System does not boot when I add a disk



The OS must be installed in one HDD and from the boot, it’s too hard for searching all the HDD for OS installation and gets corrupted and so you’re having this issue.

When the motherboard starts, it boots up all the hardware according to a sequence. If it finds out too many HDD, the power supply might not be able to handle the power consumption or is unable to perform searching work and so this problem appears.

Try upgrading your BIOS to the latest version. From the manufacturer’s website of your motherboard, you can get the latest BIOS for your motherboard. Apply it and then check what happens.

If you want to use them, you can connect them externally. There are SATA-to-USB adapter that’ll do the work.

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